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An excellent site on a subject of a healthy nutrition is:


I certainly would not encourage anyone to purchase any commercial "diet" products or commercially advertised supplements.

No doubts, there are natural products and supplements which do have  beneficial and/or  therapeutic effects.  I strongly advice to use an independent and commercial free source, such as www.consumerlab.com as a guidance.

For those who are looking for further scientific analysis of dieting and nutrition, please go to...


Please, give a strong consideration to buy this produce organic (to avoid products otherwise highly contaminated with pesticides):

    Apple                                                        Grapes

    Celery                                                       Spinach 

    Sweet bell pepper                                     Lettuce 

    Peaches                                                    Cucumbers

    Strawberries                                              Domestic Blueberries

    Imported Nectarines                                  Potatoes

    Green beans                                                Kale