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During your visit, you may be offered an endoscopy as a diagnostic test (and in some occasions, as a therapeutic approach as well). There are a two types of endoscopies: an Upper Endoscopy (also called an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, or EGD), and a Colonoscopy.  In both cases, a small video camera is introduced to the  gastrointestinal tract (EGD) and is advanced to reach as far as the duodenum, or the colon. After a visual examination of the surface, a few samples of an inner (superficial) lining of the mucosa are obtained for a pathological exam under a microscope. Photos are also taken, and then the video camera is pulled out.  The average time for the procedure is 3-5 min. for an EGD, and 15- 20 min. for a colonoscopy, though a length of the procedures may vary on some occasions. Before the procedure, you will also meet with a pediatric anesthesiologist and he/she will discuss the nature of the anesthesia necessary for the procedure.  Endoscopy is considered to be a very safe test, and a complication rate of both the procesdure, and an anesthesia is a small fraction of a %. 




Upper Endoscopy



Preparation for the procedures:


 Only  the colonoscopy does require a bowel preparation


Bowel prep is done to clear the bowel of all solid matter. Its purpose is to

Prepare the bowel for surgery or a procedure.  Please follow these

Instructions. Begin the bowel prep one day before your scheduled procedure.

To prepare you will need these items from a pharmacy:

 Miralax powder and  Dulcolax  tablets, 5 milligram  or  Senokot  liquid (if your child can't swallow tablets).

Total dose of an each of those laxatives will be specified for your child's age (see below).

There may be store brands of these products that cost less (ask your pharmacist.)

One day before your test

          Drink only clear liquids (as below). Avoid all red or purple colored liquids.

          Do not eat any solid food or milk products until your test is done.    

Clear liquids:

• Water, strained fruit juices (no pulp)

• Popsicles

• Soft drinks, Gatorade,  clear broth or bouillon

• Jello,  Kool Aid

• Coffee or tea (no milk or cream)


The bowels  are "clean" when there is only pale yellow fluid coming out.

You may start your preparation in earlier hours as well, but the schedule below is chosen for the children who choose to attend a half day of their school on the day before the procedure.

1:00 PM Take   Dulcolax tablets or Senokot  with a drink of clear liquids.

If your childs weight under 44 lb (20kg) no Dulcolax or Senokot.

46 - 66 lb (21-30 kg) ...10 mg of Dulcolax or 3 teaspoons of Senokot.

over 68 lb......................15 mg of Dulcolax or 6 teaspoons Senokot.

2:00 PM Mix the Miralax in a clear liquid of choice to dissolve the powder.  Most people prefer to drink the liquid chilled so you may want to place it in the refrigerator.   Start to drink the Miralax.  It is better to drink one glass every 15-30 minutes,   and finish within 2-4 hours.  Some children can’t drink it so fast.  Do not force your child to drink!  Do it slowly.  It is OK too.   Be sure to drink all of the liquid.

22lb(10kg) -26lb(12kg)......... 45 grams (3 table spoons) mix to 24 oz of water

28lb(13kg) - 48lb(22kg).........60 grams (4 table spoons) mix to 32 oz of water

50lb(23kg) - 70lb(32kg).........90 grams (6 table spoons) mix to  48 oz of water 

72lb(33kg) - 92lb(42kg).........120 grams (8 table spoons) mix to 64 oz of water

94lb(43kg) - up...................... 150 grams (10 table spoons) mix to 64 oz water


For BOTH Colonoscopy and/or EGD (Upper Endoscopy):  Do not eat anything after 12 midnight. You may take only sips of clear water 2-3 hours before the procedure.

    You may gargle but do not swallow any liquid.


Morning of the procedure

For Colonoscopy only:  If there is no clear liquid stool by 8-10 PM, you should give a Fleet enema (adult size) after 10PM or early AM.

 If you are to take your morning medicines, take with small sips of water


• Bring all medicines you usually take (in the original containers) to the

hospital with you.

 You may be told to arrive 1 hour before your test is scheduled so that

staff can get you ready. Expect to be here for 2 to 4 hours for your test

and recovery time.

Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any questions or concerns.



Important!!!!  If you cancel your procedure, please let us know ASAP, and as long in advance as possible.

New Jersey office:

Linda, my assistant, responsible for scheduling, 908-273-7745 if absolutely necessary, Dr. Tyshkov’s cell phone 201-563-7804

Endoscopy unit:  973-322-7750


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Staten Island:

Amanda, my assistant, 718-226-5619


Endoscopy unit 718-226-9260.

You must call a day in advance (Tuesday) after 4PM

718-226-9260 to confirm and to get a time of the arrival and the procedure.


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