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During your visit, you may be offered an endoscopy as a diagnostic test (and in some occasions, as a therapeutic approach as well). There are a two types of endoscopies: an Upper Endoscopy (also called an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, or EGD), and a Colonoscopy.  In both cases, a small video camera is introduced to the  gastrointestinal tract (EGD) and is advanced to reach as far as the duodenum, or the colon. After a visual examination of the surface, a few samples of an inner (superficial) lining of the mucosa are obtained for a pathological exam under a microscope. Photos are also taken, and then the video camera is pulled out.  The average time for the procedure is 3-5 min. for an EGD, and 15- 20 min. for a colonoscopy, though a length of the procedures may vary on some occasions. Before the procedure, you will also meet with a pediatric anesthesiologist and he/she will discuss the nature of the anesthesia necessary for the procedure.  Endoscopy is considered to be a very safe test, and a complication rate of both the procesdure, and an anesthesia is a small fraction of a %. 

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