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Foods to Avoid with the Acid Reflux Diet


Fruits and Fruit Juices 

Oranges*               Lemons*                             Cranberries* 

         Grapefruits*                 Tomatoes*


Mashed Potatoes                           Raw Onions*

French Fries*                                  Potato Chips*


Ground Beef                                       Marbled Sirloin*

Chicken Nuggets*                              Buffalo Wings(Spicy)*


Sour Cream           Ice Cream

Milk Shakes          Cottage Cheese      All regular cheeses


Macaroni and Cheese  

Spaghetti with Red Sauce*

Beverages Tea and Coffee* (Decaf or Regular)
Fats and Oils

Salad Dressings* (Creamy, Oil and Vinegar)

Sweets and Desserts

Butter Cookies         Brownies*             Chocolate*

Doughnuts               Corn Chips         

     * = particulalry important to avoid

   IN GENERAL, please avoid any "junk foods" and/or fast foods that are greasy, spicy, and processed. 

Reflux precautions

a complex of measures, which are used both as

a prophylaxis and a therapy of GER.


  •  Diet (as above). 
  •  Eating smaller portions of food, frequent feeding of infants with smaller portions of breast  milk or formula.
  • Position in a bed (in a crib, for infants) 30 degree head side up.  Holding an infant for (at least) 30 min. upright after a feeding, and avoiding a horizontal position after a meal for 2 hours in older children, and 30 min. in infants.


Surgical therapy:   is rarely needed, but in some cases of severe GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), unresponsive to a full range of conservative measures, surgery may be necessary.

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