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Please consider the following  website as a reference on nutrition: 


It is important to know.... by reading this: http://authoritynutrition.com/15-health-foods-that-are-really-junk-foods/

Avoid: All juices and carbonated drinks, including "sport drinks"

                  Genetcally modified (it is almost all!...) and processed wheat, soy and corn products

                  high fructose corn syrup

                  Shortenings - is any fat that is solid at room temperature 

                  Any food which is commercially advertised as "diet", "low fat" or "fat free"

                  Commercial dressings and all types of commercial sauces

                  Processed vegetable oils except cold press (extra- virgin) olive oils and coconut oil 



I certainly would not encourage anyone to purchase any commercial "diet" products or supplements.

For those who are looking for further scientific analysis of dieting and nutrition, please go to...



Please read from the website below on the subject of gluten sensitivity:







Healthy nutrition for infants and children is an essential determinant of a good health.  This topic of discussion is often overlooked by primary doctors. The importance of "healthy food" is perhaps the one of the most misunderstood concepts for parents. What makes foods "healthy" is also often very ambiguous.

Below are some helpful sources that should help clarify these concerns: